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Thoughts From Someone Who Has Seen More Than The Usual

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Hi Emil,

I enjoyed the article by ex-marine Jeffrey Barnett.

Having lived in the Arab Kingdom for a total of two years, it changed my perspectives on being an American on many levels.  Men who were recruited from jobs here to work in SA, HAD to take an R&R every three months out of the country. Culture shock was a given.

My ex-husband was a CEO.  We were told more or less we were on our own while living there.  Our Embassy could only do so much.  The experiences I had while residing there, changed me for ever.  Some good....some sad.

My heart and prayers go out to all of our military who has experienced the reality of different cultures under hostile conditions.  Especially the Arab nations.  

Thank You for bringing this article to our site.  It makes for a good balance of all the things we feel are so detrimental to our well being.  It reminded me to prioritize 'needs' from 'wants'.  



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